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Why Leuchtturm1917?

Why Leuchtturm1917?

There are a lot of notebooks in the world and it took me a while to finally decide on this one but I did so for one very particular reason: It is the same notebook that the official Bullet Journal uses.

Thus this felt like the perfect notebook for my very own Bookish Bullet Journal

The Pricing

A normal Leuchtturm1917 sells for around £14.95. So with my design added on, the total price only being £16 is somewhat of a bargain for you.

But what do you get for your money?

1) An A5 hardbound notebook
2) 249 numbered pages
3) 8 perforated and detachable sheets
4) Gusseted pocket
5) Blank table of contents and numbered pages
6) Page marker
7) Elastic enclosure band
8) Thread-bound book opens flat
9) Ink-proof paper (80 g/sqm)
10) Sticker for labelling and archiving

Plus an exclusive design that will only be printed on fifty notebooks.

PLUS I will also be creating an easy-to-start Bullet Journal guide which will be sent with the notebook so you have some ideas of what to do with your amazing notebook!

Pre-Order Here

To have this journal for your own, all you need to pay is £18!

It is £16 for the journal and £2 for packing and postage.

So now you have all the information, go ahead and purchase!


Alternatively, if you have any questions or wish to purchase with an international address, contact me here!

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