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Why Bullet Journal?

Why Bullet Journal?

One question that I am sure some people might want to ask me, is why I decided to create a bullet journal notebook. Why not just a regular notebook?

Aside from just responding with, why not a bullet journal? I thought the best way to really explain why I’ve chosen to create a bullet journal is to show how just completely and utterly wonderful they are.

They’re Creative

There’s no way to deny this. Bullet Journal‘s are ultimately very creative. They are blank notebooks filled with dots in which you have to create a page yourself. Otherwise it just stays as a blank dotted page.

Plus, have you seen just how creative some people have been with their own Bullet Journal’s?

They’re Personal

In my opinion, they’re more personal than a normal notebook or diary because you get to choose exactly what and how you want to put information into it.

Want to use it as an everyday journal? You can!
Want to only use it as a mood tracker? Go for it!
Want to mix it up and have different things all over it? Get it done!

The book is quite literally your oyster to do whatever the hell you want with. So, what would you want to do with it?

Anyone Can Do It

I get this feeling that people see all these pretty images of Bullet Journals and get really put off about creating their own as it makes them self-conscious about how awful their drawing skills are.

But that’s what all the little extra’s are for!

If you only want to have a basic journal, then you can just draw lines and write in boxes and leave it at that.
But if you want to be more arty but don’t have any creative bones, you can get some stickers or washi tape and use those to create pretty pages.
Get some stencils to draw pretty pictures, etc.

And, most importantly practice makes perfect.

It’s Fantastic for Organisation

I like to think that I am organised but reality is, I’m only organised in certain aspects of my life and not in others. But my Bullet Journal allows my whole life to be organised. I can pop down dates I need to remember, I can track what I’m eating, track when I’m having migraines, what books I am reading and have loved, can track how many words I’ve written each day/week/month. And it’s all in one place.

If you had a normal notebook this just would not be possible unless you had like, five different notebooks!

They’re Good For Mindfulness

Honestly. It’s a bit like those Adult Colouring Books that we’ve all fallen in love with. When drawing, sticking, and colouring, my mind goes away from the problems I’m having in the real world and focuses only on what I am currently doing.

Which means that Bullet Journalling is a perfect way to get a stronger, healthier mind through the zen that is mindfulness*.

(*I am not a scientist. I cannot verify that this is specifically true)

Hopefully all of that convinced you how great bullet journals are, and with that in mind. I do hope you’d consider buying this one with the fantastic slogan on it. Which, now you know how versatile the journal is, should make a tiny bit more sense now?

The Price and Buy Link

To have this journal for your own, all you need to pay is £18!

It is £16 for the journal and £2 for packing and postage.

So now you have all the information, go ahead and purchase!


Alternatively, if you have any questions or wish to purchase with an international address, contact me here!

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