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Proud to Be A Book Person Mug!

Proud to Be a Book Person Mug!

It is time for the next product! I am very excited to share this with you all. I really like this design and I really hope that you feel the same way too! For the first time, I am also offering you choices! Aren’t you lucky?

The Product

The next product, as you may have guessed from the title are mugs! There are two different slogans and two different colours to choose from; meaning you have FOUR choices.

And here they are….

All the mugs will be shipped via Royal Mail.

If you live outside the UK, you will be required to pay more for postage.

The Pre-Order

So as before, I am selling these mugs from today until 30th December 2017. After that date, these mugs will no longer be available to purchase at this cheap price!

Once it goes onto Redbubble, it will be a bit pricier!

However, the mugs have also not yet been created. I will only be creating the mugs if I reach a minimum number of sales. So if you’re REALLY excited for these mugs and want to make sure that you get one, make sure to spread the news that it’s available to buy!

So while the button below does say “Add to Cart”, what you’re actually doing is pre-ordering the mug. It will then be sent to your address after the 30th December 2017.

You will get a FULL REFUND if the mugs do not get made.

I will also let you know if we’re nearing the date and we’re close but not quite at minimum. I will also advise you as soon as the mugs are definitely, 100% going to be made!

The Price and Buy Links

To have the mug of your choice for your own, all you need to pay is £9.50!

It is £6 for the mug and £3.50 for packing and postage.

So now you have all the information, go ahead and purchase!

Alternatively, if you have any questions or wish to purchase with an international address, contact me here!

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