Daydreaming Designs was established in 2017 and is a bookish merchandise business. It is run by Faye who is a twenty-something with a passion for books and bookish things. Every month a new bookish item is created and released, available to purchase for one month only. This idea was thought up by Faye as a way to ensure that she does not create too many of one product and is unable to shift it. It also allows the products to be exclusive and a touch more personal – especially allowing her to include little extras in the parcels.

Once the products have reached their minimum sales and/or the end of the month is reached. The product will either be printed and sent out (if minimum sale has been reached) or those who have bought the item will be refunded and no item will be printed.

If the item is printed, once it has been sent out to those who pre-ordered the item, it will then be released on Redbubble where it will be available to purchase at a higher price. How long it stays on Redbubble will depend on popularity of the item.

Daydreaming Designs hopes to bring you exciting new products that you will be excited and proud to purchase.